Our Vision

Trap Run is not your typical 5K


Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crackin the concreteProving nature's laws wrong it learned 2 walkwithout having feetFunny it seems, but by keeping its dreamsit learned 2 breathe fresh airLong live the rose that grew from concretewhen no one else even cared!.

— The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Tupac

The Northside Trap Run is St. Louis' first hip-hop themed 5K walk/run & festival that empowers North St. Louis neighborhoods and unifies grassroots, civic, educational, commercial and residential efforts to bridge the city's north-south divide.

The family-friendly event is hosted by Young Friends of the Ville, a board committee of Northside Community Housing, Inc.

Why the name?

In the words of hip hop legend Tupac Shakur, “Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared!” The name of the event is derived from a subgenre of hip hop music that has tremendous popularity across generations, and, represents the general idea of infusing hip hop music into a traditional 5K walk/run event.

We adopted the name “Trap Run” to celebrate the beauty that perseveres through struggle. Just as hip hop and trap music transcended hardship, our run highlights beauty in communities of St. Louis that too many ignore.

The event itself follows a model similar to the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in which music is staged at various points along the route.

With your support and participation, we can again realize beauty in the struggle.

Why the Run?

The Northside Trap Run helps to change the narrative about health issues in North St. Louis. The annual event offers fun physical activity to community members and showcases resources that promote and support healthy lifestyles.

Why the Cause?

The Ville is one of the most historic African American communities in the United States. With monumental landmarks such as Homer G. Phillips Hospital, Sumner High School, Annie Malone Children’s Home, the Chuck Berry House, the Shelley House and Sara Lou Cafe, preservation and restoration of the Ville and neighboring communities is paramount.

North of Delmar, Vandeventer has evolved into an artery anchored by progressive institutions dedicated to equity and redevelopment. Sarah Avenue has emerged as a corridor of community-driven development and activity. Initiatives by the 18th and 4th ward communities amplify the desire to bridge the Delmar Divide. By galvanizing historic pride and community perseverance, the Northside Trap Run helps our communities move toward unprecedented transformation.